New York City:

Selected Not Elected

by Nancy Muldoon

There are 185 days until we can elect a new Governor in New York State. Governor Hochul is currently pandering to the poor and huddled masses by offering ‘free’ air conditioners in a effort to keep her job. It will cost New York State taxpayers $15 million dollars. This is outrageous and unacceptable. Our state is failing in almost everyway. High taxes, high crime, crumbling infrastructure, shoddy roads, and a failing public school system. Air conditioners are no longer financially out of reach for working class people. Used air conditioners can be easily had on Facebook marketplace and at almost any neighborhood garage sale.

$15 million dollars could most certainly go to something else, anything other than ‘free’ air conditioners. For Governor Hochul, who supposedly grew up poor, how could she not know this? Hochul, however isn’t the only political figure grossly out of touch with everyday working people of New York.

Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City seems to believe virtue signaling will magically make the violent crime go away. He attended yet another elitist event this past week, the Met Gala. Adams was seen wearing a custom made jacket emblazoned with the words, END GUN VIOLENCE. Mayor Adams, this is an insult to our intelligence. You would think someone who is a former NYPD officer would be more pro-active regarding getting a handle on the out-of-control crime wave happening in his own city, but sadly he is not. How many more New Yorker’s have to be pushed in front of subway trains or have feces smeared in their faces before something is done to punish the savage criminals who are truly in charge of the city? Do their lives not matter?

What Hochul and Adams have in common is they were both selected, not elected. Adams’ campaign strategy was eerily similar to that of current President Biden. Both were rarely seen on the campaign trail as if they were instructed to sit it out while the machinations played out just beyond the view of an unsuspecting public. Both are merely figure heads who haven’t accomplished anything while in office. New York State is in need of actual leadership. We will never get that from those on the Left. That is the only thing that they have made perfectly clear.

Curtis Sliwa: Candidate For Mayor:

When Curtis Sliwa founded the Guardian Angels in 1979, New York City was a cesspool of crime, drugs, murder and mayhem. The City was nearly bankrupt and its longtime residents were leaving in record numbers. Even hardened New Yorkers were disgusted by what the Big Apple had become, rotten.

Sliwa, born and raised in Brooklyn is working class hero who began a recycling program in the 1960’s long before it was trendy. When the Guardian Angels first began, the NYPD treated the Angels with overt hostility. They had a contentious relationship with one another for decades. Curtis was arrested 76 times as he and his crew fought to curb the utter lawlessness on the streets and subways. Sliwa describes the police of 1970’s and 80’s, ‘they were like a para-military group.’

The animosity between the Guardian Angels came to an abrupt halt in 1993 when Rudy Guliani became Mayor of NYC. Guliani issued an operational order to the New York Police Department to ‘stop, cease and desist’ Guliani’s directive was, ” I want you working with the Guardian Angels, they’ve helped our city. The harassment has to stop. ” And it did.” said Sliwa.

Sliwa intends on hiring another three thousand police officers. When I asked him about how this will be funded he said that New York University, Madison Square Garden and Columbia University do not pay property taxes. He intends on making them pay. New York University has a four billion dollar endowment and Columbia University has an eleven billion endowment.

“The obvious beneficiaries will be its students, employees and the citizens of New York.” said Sliwa. New York City currently has thirty four thousand officers. de Blasio, has defunded the police by a billion dollars and even cancelled two cadet classes that would have put more officers on the streets. There are usually 38K officers employed with the NYPD.

Another casualty of the NYPD defunding was the elimination of the Peddlers Unit so anyone can set up shop anytime and anywhere in the city and sell knock off bags and other merchandise with impunity.

Sliwa vows to end this if elected. Many New Yorkers have been critical of this idea as street vendors have always been an integral part of the New York experience, not just for tourists but for many city residents also. “It’s a drain for those who have legal businesses who have been trying to resuscitate the city.” said Sliwa. Vendors do not pay taxes and often sell illegal merchandise which is a crime. “It’s a federal crime, there has to be arrests, seizures and prosecution. It’s counter productive to stores that are legitimately in business. We can’t allow it.” said Sliwa.

Sliwa’s opponent, Brooklyn Borough President and former NYPD officer Eric Adams claim to fame is surviving diabetes. Sliwa has survived far more. He is pure grit. He’s had his jaw broken, a tooth knocked out, has been stabbed and even shot multiple times in a murder attempt ordered by Gambino crime family member John Gotti in June of 1992.

I asked Sliwa if he ever made peace with Gotti who died of throat cancer in prison in 2002. His response was, “Never. Never. One of the best days of my life was when I was informed he had died and he died a horrible death.” I danced the Tarantella. (Italian folk dance)

Sliwa is a self-described tough guy, populist and still rides the NYC subway and says that will not change if he is elected Mayor. “The Subway is the best focus group. You get on the subway and people approach you, you hear the good, the bad and the ugly. It is a litmus test for things that are going right, which officials want to hear, they want to hear good news bears, You’re gonna hear mostly from bad news bears because they ride buses and the subway. But the Politicians are not forced to use the same transportation that they make decisions about.” said Sliwa.

On Voter I.D.: “It’s ironic now if I want to go to a restaurant I have to show a vaccine passport.” Sliwa says he has been vaccinated twice. “And then I supplement it with a legal I.D. But if I go to vote I don’t have to show anything. How ludacris that is. To vote you just put a signature in. That is no way to authenticate someone who they claim to be. But this whole mandate thing proves that when they [Government] wants to demand legal I.D. they do. But when they want people to vote who maybe shouldn’t be voting there is no requirement of I.D.”

Of all the boroughs I ask which one is plagued with the most problems. Curtis claims that the Bronx has this distinction. “Its’ been this way since I started the Guardian Angels. Even the hipsters and the millenials are not starting out in the Bronx. They’ve moved into Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan. I think the Bronx is out of sight out of mind. The politics of the Bronx is not strong. The Bronx is the Rodney Dangerfield of the five boroughs. It gets no Respect.”

In spite of the Bronx getting no respect, Sliwa says the Bronx is his favorite borough because that is where the Guardian Angels were founded. “Without the Bronx I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Curtis Sliwa is on the campaign trail throughout the city seven days a week. His opponent Eric Adams does not seem to be campaigning at all. Curtis walks around the subway with an empty milk carton with Adams’ image on it and asks subway riders, “Have you seen this man?”

I ask Curtis what he does to relax. He listens to EDM, electronic dance music which he says is a ‘mood elevator”. His favorite film is On The Water Front and Marlon Brando’s character Terry Malloy is something that Curtis himself can relate to. “That is how I live my life.”

As for sleeping, he claims to get 3-4 hours of sleep a night. “I believe there will be plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead.”


by Nancy Muldoon

New York Nadia: She Will Not Comply:

The internet has created its own celebrities and New York Nadia is my new favorite internet sensation. She popped up on my You Tube feed one day and I was intrigued by her short but to the point political videos. Her videos that are relatable and are enjoyable to watch. What sets her apart from the rest is her movie star good looks and jet- black classic bob hairstyle. She is in my opinion, the new “It girl”

New York Nadia is Nadia Asencio. She is a first generation Cuban American currently living in New York City.   She is an Army veteran, vlogger, artist, actress and writer. She is the author of Politiquette: The People’s Guide To Political Discourse In The New Millennium.

Think Politics + Etiquette; yes, she has successfully paired two words that do not normally go together into an interesting read that is both instructional and easy to understand.

Like many people, she has been on both sides of the political aisle. She believes that most of us have similar values and that we should find common ground to help move America together. She understands the divisions of the country which are in part largely propaganda perpetrated by corporate media. Her 50+ videos all end with “God Bless America.”

Her videos have over 90K followers, but her content has caused some controversy with the owners of YouTube (Google) She has gotten herself temporarily suspended from the popular internet platform. The content that was ‘controversial’ was a poem that Ms. Asencio wrote herself entitled “Do You See It Yet?”

If you are unfamiliar with it, give in to the urge and look it up yourself. The video is a compilation of the directives that the world has been given over the last 18 months. Fifteen days to flatten the curve, masks save lives, vaccines save lives etc. The video plays out like a modern day 1984 and it would be funny if it were not so disturbing. The message behind the videos is to question authority and those who consider themselves to be the authority of American lives. The cancel culture we are currently experiencing is ultimately un-American. She will not comply. And neither should you.

 You can find her at and on Instagram as New York Nadia. You can buy her book Politiquette on Amazon. She is also selling her signature DO YOU SEE IT YET? merch at


Curtis Sliwa: Candidate for NYC Mayor:
by Nancy Muldoon When Curtis Sliwa founded the Guardian Angels in 1979, …
Curtis Sliwa: Candidate for NYC Mayor:
by Nancy Muldoon When Curtis Sliwa founded the Guardian Angels in 1977, …

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