by Nancy Muldoon

As of today there are 300 days until election day. In order to save New York State, Governor Hochul must be removed from office. We need to decide which Conservative candidate we are going to rally behind so we can move forward and regain our status as the greatest state in the union. Will it be Lee Zeldin? Will it be Andrew Guliani? We need to decide sooner than later. If Hochul is elected in November, New York is forever doomed.

We are barely into 2022 and the newly appointed (I don’t believe he was truly and fairly elected) Mayor of NYC, Eric Adams is already setting up NYC on a collision course for chaos and failure.

First off, he has appointed his brother for a top job as NYPD commish and then changed his position because of widespread criticism and has instead appointed his brother to be in charge of his security. Mayor Adams has claimed that there has been an uptick in crime (he is right) and an increase in ‘white supremacy’ (completely wrong)

How could a former police officer fail to understand the increase in crime in New York City? Bail reform has been a complete and utter disaster. There must be consequences for illegal behavior. When you tell people who have little or no moral compass to begin with that there will be no penalty for looting, stabbing, robbing and other anti-social behaviors, what would you expect to happen?

Mayor Adams has also approved voting for non-citizens to be able to vote. How is that even legal?

Voting in America should be for citizens only. Democrats are desperate for voters and these non-citizens will most likely vote Democrat at the polls. Even moderate Democrats should be outraged at this shameful power grab.

The other major issue in New York State is District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s pro-criminal and anti-victim agenda. He has recently announced that his office will no longer prosecute crimes like drug dealing and resisting arrest much to the chagrin of victim advocate groups. Crimes like armed robbery, which is currently a felony will be reduced to a misdemeanor. Bragg’s claim this will remedy the ‘inequities’ in the criminal justice system. The reality is that criminals will see this for what it really is; a free pass to break the law and get away with it.

He must be removed from office. Please sign and share petition at the link below.


326 Days:

As of today, December 16th 2021, there are 326 days until we can elect the next Governor of New York State. The current Governor Kathy Hochul was appointed when Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned in August of this year. I had high hopes for Governor Hochul as I had railed against Cuomo for years. I was relieved when Cuomo was finally and mercifully gone. But it seems that we have merely exchanged one tyrant for another.

I am not a fan of government to begin with but it’s not governments job to tell people how to live. These are strange and disturbing times we are living in. People should be able to live how they want to live without government intrusion.

A few days ago Governor Hochul announced an Executive Order for a mask mandate statewide beginning Monday December 13th to January 15th 2022.

I, like many New Yorkers called the Governor’s office to complain. The number is 518-474-8390. I left a message that the order should be rescinded. It never occurred to me that in reality, there was no such order. It was a total bluff by Governor Hochul. How do I know this? Because a friend of mine sent me a link yesterday to a podcast called the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton show. I had never heard of it but I listened to the episode. My friend advised me to listen for a caller who called into the show and recorded himself calling the Governor’s press office. What I listened to had me absolutely floored.

The caller whose name is Justin Grygas, asked the woman who answered the phone at the press office for a copy of the executive order for the mask mandate. The woman admitted that there was no executive order! It was all a lie. Needless to say, that was news to everybody in New York State. This is exactly why people detest government.

Justin Grygas who lives in the Capital District is not surprisingly getting a lot of media attention. He will be on Sean Hannity this evening and he will soon be a guest on my podcast CITIZEN NANCY. Stay tuned for that. As New Yorkers we must seek actual leadership in our candidates. Here in New York State we have 326 days until the next election. We must choose wisely as our lives depend on it.

Revolt Over Tyranny:

by Nancy Muldoon

There is a new online business here in Saratoga County and it is called Revolt Over Tyranny. It is run by a husband and wife team out of Stillwater, New York. I am always happy to support fellow Patriots and I hope you will support them also. You can use the promocode below for a 20% discount. REVOLT OVER TYRANNY.

I would love to know the moment you were done with woke culture.

We have been done with woke culture for a while now. It was a slow process of waking up to the hypocrisy of it all. One day specifically I can recall where those around me started to have a conversation laying into those who chose not to be vaccinated. They said that people who are unvaccinated ¨don’t know how to read science” and are ”ignorant”. It was hateful. The next hour that same group of people were saying how they wanted their spaces to be a safe place for people to express themselves. That was when I mumbled under my breath for the last time “as long as it fits into your narrative¨. That was it for me. From that point I was done mumbling and not saying anything. I could no longer be neutral, especially when the policies that are dictated by woke culture started to impact my life.  

What inspired you to begin your own start up?

 I was fired from my job teaching Spanish for refusing to provide my proof of vaccination or submit to a weekly PCR test to prove my health in order to work. This invasive and discriminatory protocol completely disregards the sanctity of one’s private medical information and has been thrust upon the public from the state and everyone is simply expected to comply. I will not.

This is merely another notch on an ever-growing list of coercive measures, forcing ‘we the people’ into giving up more and more of our individual liberties. The logic is flawed and questionable – the timing of testing is arbitrary, the results proven highly inaccurate. The protocol dismisses vaccinated staff from testing despite still being able to transmit and spread the virus, and fails to consider natural immunity.

If the testing requirement was truly about health and safety, then all staff should need to be tested, daily (with immediate results), that is assuming that the PCR test is even accurate. Following through with my decision to swim against the current, I presented my stance at the School’s Board of Education Meeting on Thursday October 7th, where the subject of my termination was on the docket. My speaking did nothing to sway the board from altering their course, and my firing was confirmed. I knew it would be. I knew the outcome of my stand and knew that my leading by example would be a greater victory than any compromise ever could.  

And so here I am a fully qualified teacher, with a Master’s Degree and a professional teaching certificate in foreign language who was no different on 9/26 than she was on 9/27 when this testing program started at the school, not able to teach because I am being ‘punished’ for not wanting to play along and brush my common sense, freedoms, and integrity aside. Revolt Over Tyranny is a way to supplement the lost income and get our message out there.   

 When did you officially launch your business?  

We officially launched on November 12th.  

We are from Stillwater NY. We live in Stillwater and that’s where we have our business.   All I ever wanted to do is teach since I was little. My Spanish teacher in high school inspired me. I always tell my students to ¨Think enough of yourself to think for yourself¨ and I feel I demonstrated that to them by standing up. Rarely will someone actually follow through and teach through actions.

Standing up was the most important lesson I ever taught in my life. In the end, what hurts the most is that the students and our future generations are the ones that will bear the consequences of today’s contentions, as once we lose our freedoms, it can be very difficult to get them back.

Best of luck to you and your new business.

I encourage my readers to patronize rotapparel.com and you can use the promo code citizennancy for a 20% discount. Please buy local and give yourself the gift of freedom this holiday season. Revolt Over Tyranny and go to rotapparel.com

Interview with Dillon Moran:

Candidate for Accounts Commissioner:

  • You ran for DPW a few years ago, why the switch to run for Accounts Commish?

  • Last election cycle, the DPW position was the only spot not occupied by a democratic incumbent.  As a chemical engineer with extensive experience in water, waste water and infrastructure it is a position that I am completely comfortable with.  This cycle, with John Franck not running for another term, I feel that the Commissioner of Accounts position is one that is a better fit for my skills, knowledge and life experience.

    If elected will you or your office have the ability to provide direct deposit to city employees? 
  • To the best of my understanding, the Commissioner of Finance releases all funds for city expenditure. Im not sure why we wouldn’t do direct deposit, it’s something I’ve had access to my entire professional career.

    When you think about City Hall, what needs changing or improving? 
  • I think it’s pretty obvious that the current council has not worked well together as it seems every council meeting turns into a screaming match. It’s embarrassing to watch and is a terrible reflection on our community.  We need to act professionally and respectfully toward each other and in particular, the citizens who seek to address their government with issues and concerns.

  • What is the petition signature issue you are having with your opponent Samantha Guerra? 
  • I am not having an “issue” with Ms. Guerra, a significant amount of false signatures were turned into the Board of Elections with the GOP “United Saratoga” independent ballot petition. This issue was brought to the attention of the BoE and the GOP Candidates themselves in May.  When they did not remedy the situation, it became a criminal matter that is now under investigation by several state agencies including the SSPD and NYS Troopers.  The integrity of our election process is one of the most important aspects of a functioning democracy and is not one where there is any room for fraud or illegality.

  • How do you think it will be resolved? 
  • The legal advice that we sought out indicated that there are numerous Class D Felonies associated with the actions that appear to have been committed by Ms Guerra.

  • What are your concerns for city of Saratoga Springs?
  •  We are an incredible community with so many positive things going for us as we move forward in a post Covid world. That said, we need to have the ability to recognize that not everything is working well.  We have an affordable housing issue that is having a major impact on our tourism based economy.  If people cannot afford to live here, they likely will not be available within our talent pool.  Beyond that issue, we have an aging water infrastructure that needs to be addressed. Should I be fortunate enough to join the council, I will be working directly with Congressman Tonko to make sure that Saratoga Springs is the recipient of Federal Infrastructure investment dollars.

  • How will your office move Saratoga Springs forward?  
  •  I will be focused on 3 specific areas: Supporting Homeowners with stable assessments, Supporting our Small Businesses with extended outdoor dining and modernized access to the Accounts Dept, and the future of our city with a focus on fixing long ignored infrastructure issues

Welcome to The New York Citizen:

Welcome my fellow New Yorkers to the New York Citizen. My name is Nancy Muldoon. I have written for many publications over the years and now I have my own. It is my hope that the New York Citizen will be a place where factual information and informed opinion will flourish. This is neither a Republican or Democratic publication. I have grown tired of hyper-partisan politics. We have a lot of work to do if we intend on having New York be regarded as the Empire State once more. It hasn’t been the Empire anything in a long time. Please join me in saving the State of New York.