326 Days:

As of today, December 16th 2021, there are 326 days until we can elect the next Governor of New York State. The current Governor Kathy Hochul was appointed when Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned in August of this year. I had high hopes for Governor Hochul as I had railed against Cuomo for years. I was relieved when Cuomo was finally and mercifully gone. But it seems that we have merely exchanged one tyrant for another.

I am not a fan of government to begin with but it’s not governments job to tell people how to live. These are strange and disturbing times we are living in. People should be able to live how they want to live without government intrusion.

A few days ago Governor Hochul announced an Executive Order for a mask mandate statewide beginning Monday December 13th to January 15th 2022.

I, like many New Yorkers called the Governor’s office to complain. The number is 518-474-8390. I left a message that the order should be rescinded. It never occurred to me that in reality, there was no such order. It was a total bluff by Governor Hochul. How do I know this? Because a friend of mine sent me a link yesterday to a podcast called the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton show. I had never heard of it but I listened to the episode. My friend advised me to listen for a caller who called into the show and recorded himself calling the Governor’s press office. What I listened to had me absolutely floored.

The caller whose name is Justin Grygas, asked the woman who answered the phone at the press office for a copy of the executive order for the mask mandate. The woman admitted that there was no executive order! It was all a lie. Needless to say, that was news to everybody in New York State. This is exactly why people detest government.

Justin Grygas who lives in the Capital District is not surprisingly getting a lot of media attention. He will be on Sean Hannity this evening and he will soon be a guest on my podcast CITIZEN NANCY. Stay tuned for that. As New Yorkers we must seek actual leadership in our candidates. Here in New York State we have 326 days until the next election. We must choose wisely as our lives depend on it.

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