Interview with Dillon Moran:

Candidate for Accounts Commissioner:

  • You ran for DPW a few years ago, why the switch to run for Accounts Commish?

  • Last election cycle, the DPW position was the only spot not occupied by a democratic incumbent.  As a chemical engineer with extensive experience in water, waste water and infrastructure it is a position that I am completely comfortable with.  This cycle, with John Franck not running for another term, I feel that the Commissioner of Accounts position is one that is a better fit for my skills, knowledge and life experience.

    If elected will you or your office have the ability to provide direct deposit to city employees? 
  • To the best of my understanding, the Commissioner of Finance releases all funds for city expenditure. Im not sure why we wouldn’t do direct deposit, it’s something I’ve had access to my entire professional career.

    When you think about City Hall, what needs changing or improving? 
  • I think it’s pretty obvious that the current council has not worked well together as it seems every council meeting turns into a screaming match. It’s embarrassing to watch and is a terrible reflection on our community.  We need to act professionally and respectfully toward each other and in particular, the citizens who seek to address their government with issues and concerns.

  • What is the petition signature issue you are having with your opponent Samantha Guerra? 
  • I am not having an “issue” with Ms. Guerra, a significant amount of false signatures were turned into the Board of Elections with the GOP “United Saratoga” independent ballot petition. This issue was brought to the attention of the BoE and the GOP Candidates themselves in May.  When they did not remedy the situation, it became a criminal matter that is now under investigation by several state agencies including the SSPD and NYS Troopers.  The integrity of our election process is one of the most important aspects of a functioning democracy and is not one where there is any room for fraud or illegality.

  • How do you think it will be resolved? 
  • The legal advice that we sought out indicated that there are numerous Class D Felonies associated with the actions that appear to have been committed by Ms Guerra.

  • What are your concerns for city of Saratoga Springs?
  •  We are an incredible community with so many positive things going for us as we move forward in a post Covid world. That said, we need to have the ability to recognize that not everything is working well.  We have an affordable housing issue that is having a major impact on our tourism based economy.  If people cannot afford to live here, they likely will not be available within our talent pool.  Beyond that issue, we have an aging water infrastructure that needs to be addressed. Should I be fortunate enough to join the council, I will be working directly with Congressman Tonko to make sure that Saratoga Springs is the recipient of Federal Infrastructure investment dollars.

  • How will your office move Saratoga Springs forward?  
  •  I will be focused on 3 specific areas: Supporting Homeowners with stable assessments, Supporting our Small Businesses with extended outdoor dining and modernized access to the Accounts Dept, and the future of our city with a focus on fixing long ignored infrastructure issues

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