Interview With Robin Dalton: Candidate For Mayor of Saratoga Springs

Why are you running for Mayor?

I am running for Mayor because I believe we need someone who knows firsthand the
challenges the city is facing now and to use my experience leading the pandemic
response and work on fire EMS station No. 3 to lead the council through the end of the
pandemic and ensure the completion of important projects. I believe we are one city, with
one future, and know from listening to our community that Saratoga is ready to elect
candidates that are not sponsored by political parties but powered by the people. We
need to bring back common sense decision-making to politics, civility, and building
consensus versus giving in to a culture of outrage.

What do you hope to accomplish as Mayor you were not able to do as Public Safety

The Saratoga Springs charter provides each commissioner with certain powers and
certain jurisdiction over various city departments. As Mayor I will go to work providing
consistent, reliable, and accessible channels of communication to and from city hall,
making it easier for citizens to access essential services, and maximizing the impact of
non-profit funding by working together with organizations in our area. I want to
strengthen and increase our recreation programming, I also want to develop more
comprehensive transportation systems throughout the city in conjunction with CDTA.
There is much to what I hope to accomplish and more information can be found at

You got handed a lot of problems no one could foresee, COVID, lockdowns, masks and the
wars about them, and protests regarding the lives of black people. What would you do differently if you could turn the clock back?

As the Public Safety Commissioner during my term, I have had to confront many issues
but this is the responsibility of a public servant, and I take that responsibility very
seriously. I lead the COVID-19 pandemic in this city through extraordinary outreach,
communication and legislation. I am proud of our response and proud that public health
and safety was always held above politics. Social justice is an issue that is multi-faceted
and requires unique solutions. If I could turn back the clock I would work harder to
encourage my other council members and the Mayor to help lead on the issues of social
justice, to be more involved, and to allow for more public comment, not less.

Since you are the first female Public Safety Commissioner, have you considered mentoring any young women in Saratoga who aspire to hold public office?

Yes, encouraging and mentoring women who seek a career in public service is deeply
important to me. I hope to potentially create a program in the mayor’s office for all
younger citizens passionate about public service.

I know you are a big believer in volunteering, do you still or do you not have time?

I always help out when I can, and I’m still involved in several organizations like Saratoga
Sponsor a Scholar, where I sit on the board. I think when you’re in elected office you
have to be very careful about fundraising, so I have disengaged from any direct
fundraising activities until I am out of office.

What other things do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love to cook, write, golf, catch up with my friends, hang out with my awesome husband
and play and watch a lot of football with my kids.

You have been open to the idea of meeting with people in the community, even those you don’t agree with, do you still?

I have never turned down a meeting.
I am always here to answer questions, listen to concerns, and talk through problems
regardless of who you are or what you believe in.

What is the worst thing about being an elected official in a small city?

Sometimes it’s hard to work in the same small town in which you live. I always try to
remind myself that we are community members first, friends, parents, and neighbors –
politics comes second.

What are your thoughts on vaccine mandates?

I believe Saratoga Springs must follow the direction of the State government. Any private
business or entity that seeks to impose a mandate should have every right to do so, and I
encourage all our residents to get vaccinated. The city must thoroughly review any
potential legal impact on imposing our own vaccine mandate and seek guidance from the

Can you answer the age-old question, Can a woman really have it all?

That definitely depends on how you define ‘All’. Unfortunately still in today’s world, she
has to work twice as hard and be twice as judged on her way to success. I will say
finding a work/life balance is something I’ve kind of thrown out the window, if anyone
knows how to do that well with four kids, this job and in politics, call me up 🙂

If you were still living in NYC, who would you be voting for Mayor?

I would most likely cast my ballot for Eric Adams but I am focused on Saratoga Springs. I
do miss Mayor Bloomberg and I’m also really interested in ranked-choice voting and how
it will work in this year‘s elections in New York City.

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