Interview With Samantha Guerra:

Candidate for Accounts Commissioner:

by Nancy Muldoon

What inspired you to run for public office? 

“My children and our community inspired me to run for office. I want to bring the community together and give back to the community that did so much for myself and my children” 

Did you grow up in Saratoga Springs?

“I have lived in Saratoga Springs for a decade now! (Wow that makes me sound old) I moved out on my own at 16 and got my first apartment right on White Street by the track.” 

Do you come from a political family? 

“My father was very vocal about his political beliefs growing up, my mother has always disliked politics. Most of what I have learned has been from studying it on my own.”

What is your professional background? 

“I have an extensive management background. I managed Dunkin Donuts for about 10 years” 

What is the problem with the petitions your opponent questioned and has it been resolved?

My opponent has been known for spewing lies during his multiple unsuccessful runs for city council. I refuse to stoop to his tactics and false accusations.

What are your favorite things about living in Saratoga Springs?

“Oh gosh there are so many things, but most importantly is the people here, the parks, the schools, the small town city vibe, the fantastic restaurants.”

Saratoga politics is often combative and petty. How will you handle yourself if elected?

(Well it’s a good thing I’m not a politician! Lol) I am doing this as a member of the community wanting to bring the community together and make a difference for the better. I have a strong stance on continuing to be myself and not get caught up in the combative pettiness.” 

Do you volunteer? 

“I love volunteering but lately I haven’t had much time. I love volunteering with my church, at the school and PTO. I do a lot of community services with my daughters Girl Scout troop.”  

I know you have said that you are a survivor of domestic abuse. How did you overcome that and what advise would you give to other women regarding this issue?“

As a survivor of domestic violence you can never truly overcome it fully. I have worked so hard getting my voice back and striving to be a better person everyday. I have come so far but know I can go even further. My advice to anyone dealing with domestic violence is know you are not alone and no matter what anyone says you can get back on your feet you are not stuck in any relationship. There are so many great services in Saratoga Springs and NYS to help and never loose faith in god, always have Grace.” 

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